Cost-effective solutions for custom injection molding


Injection Molding Mold/Part

Dependable creation of injection mold tools for customized injection molded components. Acquire precision-crafted custom injection molds to manufacture top-tier plastic parts. Benefit from our unwavering dedication to excellence, swift production, and competitive pricing. 

✅ No MOQ

✅ Complete support from Prototyping to Production

✅ Competitive Price

✅ Tight Tolerance and High Quality

✅ Injection Molding Specialists

Leveraging our advanced injection molding solutions in India, we expertly mold plastic parts tailored to specific size, intricacy, and volume specifications. Our cutting-edge machines, enable on-demand prototyping and production runs, ensuring precision in every design. Avail yourself of a complimentary design consultation with each injection molding order, and experience rapid turnarounds with lead times as brief as 30 days. Your vision, seamlessly transformed into high-quality plastic components.

Plastic Injection Molding Service

Injection molding stands out as a cost-effective and efficient method for producing plastic parts, whether in small or large quantities. This highly reproducible process guarantees the production of numerous components with unwavering quality. At us (Gautam Bathani), we stand as a distinguished plastic injection molding company, providing a comprehensive manufacturing solution tailored to your project's needs. Committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, our services encompass on-demand prototyping and production, offering plastic injection molding parts of superior quality, irrespective of size or complexity. Trust us for a seamless and reliable manufacturing experience.

Strategic Low-Volume Injection Molding-Starting from $300

Why opt for 3D printed parts when you can leverage the strategic advantages of low-volume injection molding? Unlike the significant capital investment required for mold making, my approach starts with affordable molds, priced at a reasonable $300, depending on the part. Using single-cavity molds initially, we efficiently produce low volumes ranging from 200 to 500 pieces. As demand grows, seamlessly transitioning to high-volume multi-cavity dies ensures not only efficient but also cost-effective production. This strategy minimizes risks while optimizing costs, providing a flexible solution that can scale production according to market demand. When compared to 3D printing, the strategic low-volume injection molding approach stands out for its superior cost-effectiveness, ensuring both initial affordability and scalable success.

 Build Perfect Molds for Better Production Parts

Are you in need of cutting-edge injection molds for your projects? Look no further than us (Gautam Bathani). We specialize in crafting custom injection molds tailored to ensure the success of your endeavors. Our process involves close collaboration with you to comprehend the unique aspects of your project, enabling us to create a precise plastic injection mold design that aligns with your specifications.

We guarantee versatility in our services, offering the development of both prototype tools and production molds at affordable prices. With an emphasis on the fastest possible lead times, our capabilities are designed to optimize production, ensuring your products reach the market faster.